Sorry, due to Getty Images Sueing us for an image that was emailed to us, our funnies pages have been removed.
Too bad there are companies like this that sue over an image that was altered well before we received it in an email.
Their so-called image was NOT used as a promotional tool and that particular page was viewed less than 1 dozen times.
(the image was amongst many others titled "If Women Ruled".

Here is the comment we had on the opening page.

Okay, I have been receiving just too many items to keep to myself... First off, I did NOT create any of the following, the actual source of the files are unknown and we give the sources full credit for their creative talents. I will be willing to pay the sum of 1/100000 of a cent per page view as declared from the page counter displayed on this page. You may elect to just receive "100bucks.gif" in lieu of the commission payments. Just e-mail me the proof that you are the Artist of the files and I will be more than happy to e-mail you a check for your creativeness.....