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This web site is being developed for the residents and neighbors near the proposed Stone Quarry just northeast of Americus on Old State Road 25 North

Please be sure to sign our petition at any of the following locations:

Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground or contact Bill Miller @ 765-564-3546.

Would you like to help in our fight? Many hands make much work light!  or become a member of the coalition by sending in a membership application with your donation.

As the fight continues, we are also in need of voluntary donations to cover to costs of our battle to preserve the Americus area. Monies will be used strictly for promotional materials, professional expert speakers and legal fees associated with our objection to the quarry bordered by the Banks of the Wabash River and. Old State Road 25 N.

The AACC is comprised of VOLUNTEERS from the Americus Area.


We need Your Help in reaching our Fund Raising Goal!

Fund Raising

We NEED YOUR help!!!

Please make a donation:
Make checks payable to the

Americus Area Community Coalition (AACC)

Mail to: AACC Treasurer
            8400 Old State Road 25 North
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Thank YOU for your Support!

A Special Thanks to every volunteer and your support
at the October Fund Raiser!



Water quality and community input meeting.

Parking available in front of building, in front of garages, aver flow parking behind and to the Exit road of the  Recreation building.
Please Stop at the stop sign and proceed slowly.
Enter through either of the glass doors.


Public Meeting Scheduled for Thursday February 20, 2014
Buck Creek Community Center   7:00 PM

Discussion of DNR ruling and options to proceed.

Members and friends,
Please Mark JUNE 25 2014 on your calendar.  This is the date of the BZA hearing and we need a mass of people to attend. This will show who cares and who could be affected. It is not over until the final round.

Recently, the DNR gave approval to Rogers Group for the proposed quarry in a floodway.  Although this is disappointing, it is not unexpected for 2 reasons: First, they have never denied one. Secondly, the process by which they continuously 
re-submit revised information is to their benefit, not our protection. This is one step. We have an appeal pending. 

The Board of Zoning Appeals will hear the request for a variance and exception at their June 25, 2014 meeting. Again, your attendance is crucial.

Until the June meeting our opposition needs to be very visible. Please support this venture by wearing buttons, your 'Stop the Stone Quarry' shirts, hosting a yard sign, writing letters to the editors, e-mailing our local and STATE representatives, or attending political input sessions like Feb 1Feb 8March 1April 1. All of these are VERY important. 
We and the AACC thank you for your continued support, interest and visibility. Keep it up!

Bill and Kay Miller, AACC co-presidents

Board of Zoning Appeals has rescheduled the meeting to;
 Wednesday June 25
, 2014
We need to flood the TIPPECANOE ROOM
to show our opposition to this project!


Show your opposition to the proposed Roger's Group Stone Quarry
8032 Old State Road 25 North, on the Bosma Farm just north of Americus.

Help fill the Tippecanoe Room of the Tippecanoe County Building 20 N 3rd St. Lafayette, IN
for the hearing with the Board of Zoning Appeals.
Two variances and a special exception are being requested. The Special exception is for a 400 ft deep quarry with 90 ft stockpiles of stone. Activity for 50-60 years and sometimes 24 hour a day operation.


January Public Meeting

January 16th at the Buck Creek Community Center at 7:00 PM


Invitation to meet at Roberts Restaurant on December 19th - 7 to 9 PM



The July 24th meeting at the Tippecanoe County Building, Tippecanoe room has been Postponed until January 22, 2014
The meeting is to consider variances for the proposed quarry


Public Notices:

DNR Indiana Department of Natural Resources


Michael R. Pence. Governc·
Robert E. Carter. Jr., Director
Division of Water
402 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2641
Phone (317) 232-4160
Toll-free (877) 928-3755
Fax (317) 233-4579

July 3,2013

This letter is to inform you that the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water, will hold a public hearing on the following construction in ~ floodway application.


APPLICANT: Rogers Group Inc

TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION; A new stone quarry development will be constructed along the east (left) over bank of the Wabash River. Floodway construction activities associated with this development include: (1) an approximate 2100' by 620' by 420' deep incised, quarry pit. Groundwater will be constantly removed from the pit and directed to the Wabash River.

Material excavated from the basin will be either stockpiled or moved to process area outside of floodway for potential sale; (2) excess material will be stockpiled along the streamward side of the quarry pit. The stockpile will be a maximum of 90' high by 5,524' long with 2:1 side slopes and will have a 20' top width. It will be set back 1320' from the top of the stream bank; (3) a storm water runoff system. The storm water runoff in the process area is intercepted by two proposed wet-bottom detention ponds. The two proposed wet-bottom detention ponds are connected with the eastern most pond discharging to the western most pond. The west pond discharges to an unnamed tributary through a special outlet control structure and 12" outfall pipe. The primary outfall invert at the west pond will be 546.00', NGVD. It will outlet to the tributary at 544.78', NGVD; (4) a stream crossing over the unnamed tributary. The crossing will consist of three 54" diameter culverts with no headwalls. The culverts will have an upstream and downstream invert of 537.31', NGVD and 536.89', NGVD, respectively. The inlet ends of the culverts will not be beveled. The culverts will not be skewed to align with stream flow. The channel entering and exiting the culvert will be lined with a 24" thick layer of class I riprap. The approach roads will be constructed at the existing floodplain elevations. The crown of the roadway over the culvert will be at 544,3', NGVD. A 39" high open barrier will be placed along each side of the roadway over the channel. Details of the project are contained in information received electronically at the Division of Water on April 30" 2013 and in plans and information received at the Division of Water on May 14, 2013 and June 12, 2013.

STREAM: Wabash River

LOCATION: Along the east (left) overbank of the Wabash River beginning approximately 4700' upstream of the Grant Road crossing and extending upstream 7000' The scope of the public hearing, held under Ie 14-11-4-8, will be limited to the authority vested in the Department of Natural Resources by the permitting statutes. This authority is confined to the floodway of the stream and any impact that the project may have on:

1) The efficiency and capacity of the floodway;

2) The safety of life or property; .

3) Fish, wildlife, or botanical resources; and,'

4) The cumulative effects of the above items:

 Only issues that are directly related to this application for construction in a floodway will be addressed .. Under the permitting statutes, the Department has no authority in land use, zoning, local drainage, floodway fringe construction, burning, etc.; therefore, topics beyond the Departments jurisdiction will not be discussed during the hearing.

The public hearing will be held on July 23, 2013 beginning at 5:00 (local time) in the Tippecanoe Room of the Tippecanoe County Office Building located at 20 North 3 Street, in Lafayette, Indiana. Parking is available in the County Parking Garage on the west side of the office building.  POSTPONED - New date TBA

If you have any questions concerning this public hearing, please contact the Technical Services Center at 317-232-4160 or 877-928-3755 (toll free), or write to the address listed above.

From WLFI News:



To listen to or participate in the DNR hearing about the effect of this quarry on floodwaters, come to the Tippecanoe Room at the County Building (20 N 3rd St. Lafayette, IN) on
July 23, 2013 at 5:00 PM



This website is provided as a neighborhood service to keep area residents informed of the proposed Stone Quarry.

Information has been gathered by Americus Area Community Coalition and Friends of the AACC

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