Doll Collection Liquidation

as of 8/19/2014

Benjamin Franklin

by Marian Yu

Bride Doll
by Marian Yu

Currier & Ives
Skate Dolls

Dick Tracy
set of 5


George Burns

Herbert Hoover

It's a Small World Doll

James Dean

Korean Doll

Little Miss Muffett

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Nancy Regan

Party Girl Doll

Pouty Heidi

Princess Diana of Wales - Porcelain Doll

Princess Diana of Wales
Prince Charles of Wales

Rosie Odonnell

Rosie Odonnell
talking Doll

Spanky Little Rascals

Payments can be made through PayPal®


Most of the dolls listed on this web site are in Excellent (New) condition, they have NEVER been 
played with. Read the listings and make an offer on one or more of the dolls and put a smile on your loved ones face. 

We are a "private" party selling a collection of dolls, Once they are gone, they are GONE !

Remember, These dolls are from a "private collection" and we are NOT a store,
once the doll is's removed from the listing to the left!!!

The dolls listed on the left menu bar are still available as of 7/23/2010. Click on the link to view a picture of the doll with a full description.

Welcome to my doll site......enjoy your visit.

This doll collection is for sale. Due to the number of dolls in the collection, we have decided to market them through this web site. there are many collectables, musical dolls, character dolls and miscellaneous dolls. All the dolls have been in a < "Smoke Free" / "Pet Free" > environment. The majority of them are in Mint or Excellent condition and some have never been taken out of their original boxes. The descriptions will also state the condition and whether the original box and authentic certificates, is available and an asking price, if you feel the asking price is more than the current "market value" please feel free to make me an offer. All the dolls listed will be sold!!!

  My Mothers story:

When I was two years old, my mother saved the box tops from Coco Wheats cereal to send to a radio station to get a Mama/Papa doll for me for Christmas. She had a composition head, arms and legs and a cloth body and when you tipped her one way she said Mama and when you tipped her back she said Papa.  That was the first doll that I can remember and how I loved her. 
That doll started me on an adventure of doll collecting,  just for the sheer pleasure of the dolls.  Now, some 50+ years later, I find that due to a change in my lifestyle, I have to downsize and must find another home for my "treasures". 
All the dolls are sold "As Is".  I have tried to describe them honestly and to the best of my ability.  I am not a dealer.  This is my personal collection which I have loved and enjoyed for many years.
Payment must be in the form of USPS Money Order, Cashier's check, Certified check or Pay-Pal®.  I can only ship within the continental United States and shipping charges will be by United States Postal Service Priority Mail. 
Please feel free to browse and if you see something that strikes your fancy, make my son an offer.  He will consider any and all reasonable offers. 

My Email address is no longer available 


Thanks for visiting and I hope you can help my son out by "adopting" one or more of my babies. 

Please feel free to give your friends this web site address. I'm sure they will enjoy it too.



All of these dolls were:
  • Purchased new and have only had ONE OWNER
  • Have been displayed carefully (out of the sun)
  • Have been protected from the dust as much as possible
  • Come from a SMOKE FREE home
  • Come from a PET FREE home
  • Have NEVER been played with by children
  • I'm sure you will enjoy the company of these dolls as much as I have.


When it's gone... it's gone ! 

  And they are ALMOST  GONE!!!



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