WLTC Monthly Sites
Campground Hosts Wolfe's LEISURE TIME CAMPGROUND
7414 Old State Road 25 North
Lafayette, Indiana 47905
765-589-8089 (10am - 8pm)
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Monthly Camp Sites
Monthly sites are designed for short-term stays. We require the RV's to be fully "Self-Contained" to be eligible for a monthly campsite.

Parking is available along the Northeast fence line. Two (2) vehicles maximum per campsite.

Availability varies and we do not "reserve" monthly sites for more than 5 days in advance.

Please Call us between 10am and 8pm for availability.

Monthly Guidelines
Please make a complete STOP when entering the campground and use the exit road when departing.

1. AWNINGS: We recommend only putting out your awnings while you are at the campground. Storms come up quickly and wind can damage your awning.

2. RUGS: Please keep all rugs on the gravel only. NO rugs are allowed on the grass. It kills the grass and is very hard to re-grow after your departure.

3. FISHING: Is allowed in the Wabash River and requires a State issued Fishing license.

4. MOWING: Campground staff will mow and trim your lot each week. Please clear items on the grass on mowing day. (Tuesday/Wednesday) (They will not cut grass if your personal items are in the grass)

5. DUE DATE: Rent is billed month-to-month from the first day of your lease. If rent is over 5 days late, there will be a $15 late charge applied.

6. ELECTRIC: Will be metered and charged per kilowatt hour. Electric is billed when the rent is due for the following month and on the final day of your stay. You may register a credit card with us or submit a cash deposit. Summer electric deposit is $50.00. Winter electric deposit is $150.00. Deposit balances will be settled upon departure.

7. VISITORS: Visitors must check in. Summer Visitors: There will be no charge for day visitors Monday thru Thursday. (Exception: If guests use swimming pool, $2 per person fee required.) Weekend guests (Fri,Sat,Sun) must pay the appropriate visitor fees. Winter visitors: There will be no charge for day guests. Overnight visitors must pay visitor fees. All guests must be registered in camp office and obey the posted speed limit and camp rules.

8. FIREWOOD: No building material wood or pallets are allowed into the campground for burning. Firewood must be inspected prior to entering the campground, we reserve the right to refuse entry with firewood infested with insects. Firewood is available at the camp office. We use portable fire pits for sites 5 through 9.

9. SATELLITE DISH: If you install a satellite dish, it must be attached to your camper or mounted on a tripod in the gravel. No poles or posts are allowed to penetrate the ground. Please leave room for mowing.

10. SEWER: We suggest a PVC pipe connection for longer term stays. It is your responsibility to protect the pipe from freezing.

11. WATER: Is available all year. During winter months, it is necessary to heat all exposed lines and connections. You must apply heat tape to the outside water faucet, your hose, and the connection into your camper. All of the above mentioned must be covered with insulation and taped tightly to prevent any air leaks. Freezing water lines during winter cause breaks and expensive water loss and should be prevented.

12. SKIRTING: If you choose to put skirting around your camper to stop air flow around your camper, it must be done with non-flammable materials that will not be blown away in the wind.

13. STORAGE: Keep the areas around and under your camper free of clutter and unnecessary items. Weight down any items that may blow around during storms. Do not leave large items on the grass for any length of time, it kills the grass. The appearance of your site should remain neat and tidy at all times.

14. PROPANE: We offer propane year round. We can supply you with a 100lb tank for propane. This can be filled for you by campground personnel at your request. You can place your MT propane tank outside the shed with your name and/or site number, we will have it filled upon your return and added to your invoice.

15. Extended Stay Campers are expected to use their own restroom & bathe in their own RV’s.

16. Extended Stay Campers are expected to obtain a PO Box for mail service.
(Buck Creek, Delphi or Lafayette Post Office locations available upon request)

17. Trash should be deposited in the dumpster behind the recreation room or at the exit road. Sites are to be completely cleared upon departure of the camping unit.