WLTC Rules

Campground Hosts Wolfe's LEISURE TIME CAMPGROUND
7414 Old State Road 25 North
Lafayette, Indiana 47905
765-589-8089 (10am - 7pm)
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Campground Guidelines
Reglas del campamento         Camp-Richtlinien
Icon Bullet Speed Limit is 5½ MPH (or less) for everybody's safety and protection.   (WLTC reserves the right to limit vehicular access)
Bullet Icon image We do NOT allow woodcutting on campground property. You may use “small” kindling to start a campfire but not as a source of firewood. Nothing over 2 inch diameter and 2 ft length! Keep wood within the fire pit.
(no Pallet wood allowed due to nails, staples, and chemicals used to preserve the pallets)   You may purchase firewood from the campground (ask at the Office).
Bullet Icon image Each campsite has a designated fire pit. DO NOT MOVE ANY FIXED FIRE PITS! Many people use fire pits to cook their food. Burning cans and trash can harm other campers.
Bullet Icon image Bicycle Riding is not permitted after dark.
Bullet Icon image Pets are allowed*, however they must be kept on a short leash and you must clean up after your pet. (no mean pets allowed*) Pets are not allowed in buildings or in the pool area and should not be left on the campground unattended.
Bullet Icon image We provide one (1) picnic table per site. You may NOT move or exchange tables!
Bullet Icon image Place ALL trash in the Dumpsters, Bag "aluminum" cans separate and place next to a dumpster.
Bullet Icon image One vehicle and One camping unit per campsite. Extra vehicles to park in designated over flow parking areas only. DO NOT PARK IN AN EMPTY CAMPSITE!
Bullet Icon image Each tenant is responsible for their camping area including their children, guests, pets along with the cleanliness of their campsite. Campsites are expected to be kept clean.
Bullet Icon image Children under 17 are to be in their campsite by 11:00. No children under 16 may be left unattended in the campground for any amount of time.
Bullet Icon image Glass bottles are NOT allowed outside of YOUR campsite. Place ALL glass bottles in the trash!
Bullet Icon image Swim in the swimming pool Only, DO NOT WADE OR SWIM IN THE RIVER, when caught, your group will be evicted! NO food or beverages are allowed in the Pool area by order of Indiana Health Department.
Bullet Icon image Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Pool Area.   Absolutely No Glass bottles allowed off YOUR campsite
Bullet Icon image No Hunting, firearms, explosives, sling shots, BB guns or any type of weapon. All weapons are Prohibited!
Bullet Icon image ATV's, Dirt Bikes, Go Carts, Mopeds, gas & electric scooters are not permitted on the campground.
Bullet Icon image Golf Cart owners must provide a copy of insurance to our office upon registration. There are also other specific rules to operate a golf cart on our property. (see Golf Cart Guidelines)
Bullet Icon image Excessive noise or other nuisance will not be tolerated and may terminate your stay with loss of camping fees. Please, NO LOUD MUSIC or unnecessary noises at any time!
Bullet Icon image Quiet Time is enforced between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Please be considerate of your fellow campers.
Bullet Icon image Vehicle and RV washing is Not allowed on campground property.
Bullet Icon image Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and the right to assign camping sites and parking of vehicles.
Bullet Icon image Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground is not responsible for loss, stolen or damaged articles of any kind.
Bullet Icon image Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground is not responsible for accidents to guests' property or persons.
Bullet Icon image Any violent act to campground equipment or property will result in eviction and prosecution of the offender(s).
Bullet Icon image Any act that interferes with the enjoyment of others will terminate your stay with loss of camping fees.
Bullet Icon image Management has final say and reserves the right to review/change/modify camp rules without notice.
Bullet Icon image These rules are enforced for the enjoyment of ALL our camping guests.