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Years of Camping

Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground
7414 Old State Road 25
Lafayette, Indiana 47905

Phone hours  10 AM to 8 PM EST
Email: wolfescamp@wltc.org 

Leisure Time Campground
turns 51 years old in June of 2016

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Come Camp Along the Mighty Wabash 
Reserve early to get your favorite campsite.

2016 Camping Rates
(We are on Indiana Eastern Time)
Reservation Information
Discount Information
Rates are based on a single household family and are subject to change without notice.
(2 adults and their dependant children) 1 vehicle per campsite - See Guest Fees for extra people

We have a limited number of sites available, reserve early!
We have sites available for overnight camping for up to 2 weeks.
Seasonal Campsite information

See below for holiday weekend package prices.
  Daily Rates Weekly Holiday Daily Rates**
See Package deals below
Check back in December
Full Hook-up 30.00 165.00 36.00 430.00^ Sold Out Click
Electric/Water 27.00 150.00 33.00 n/a Here

The Electric Only and Lower Primitive sites do Not open until Memorial Day Weekend
(Weather Permitting)

Electric Only 2 25.00 140.00 30.00 n/a n/a
Primitive-River Bank2 23.00 130.00 27.00 n/a n/a
All 200 numbered campsite availability are subject to Wabash water levels.
Primitive 2 22.00 125.00 26.00 n/a n/a
Primitive Group Camping Closed n/a  n/a n/a n/a
Campers visitors 2.00 pp See manager 5.00 pp See manager 100.00 pfh
Holiday Package Rates   Memorial Day Weekend 4th of July Weekend Labor Day Weekend Feast Weekend

Rates are based on single household family of 2 adults and their dependant children.
Extra People are $5.00 per person / per night
($8.00 per person / per night on Holiday Weekends)
Holiday Visitor Rates are implemented on days of campground food events

Please note: Primitive "riverbank" sites are only available from May 15th to October 31st.
Water levels permitting

We offer a wide variety of campsites from primitive to 50 amp Full Hook-ups. 
 Each campsite has a picnic table and fire pit. Full hook-up site units park on gravel, all other types are grass/dirt.

Seasonal site rates (plus metered electric) are available for FHU & EW campsites only and are to be used for weekend, holiday and vacation use only. 

Please contact us for any additional information you may require prior to making your online reservation.

weekly rates do not apply over
   holiday weekends-
2 Type/Size limitations
pp - Per Person

pfh -
per family household                             

Daily Rates exclude 7% state tax


** Holiday Daily rates apply on a first-come, first-serve basis of available campsites. Weekend Packages are available thru phone-in reservations.

^Our "Monthly" campers are be required to leave a deposit with the Campground for their electric usage.
Monthly campers must be fully self contained with their own restroom and shower.
Monthly Rate is based on Two (2) Adults. ($20.00 per person/per month for additional adults)
We have a "limited" number of sites available for Monthly & Seasonal usage.
Call ahead PRIOR to coming in for a monthly type campsite.

ALL payments are non-refundable.

(You must be 21 or older to rent a campsite)

Full non-refundable Deposits are required for "Holiday Weekends"
Unreserved sites will be rented on a first come daily basis. (holiday day rates apply- see above)
Due to the nature of our business, all deposits and payments are non-refundable.
Package Rates "Include Sales Tax"
Daily Rates "Do Not Include Sales Tax"

Check in - After 2:00 PM
Check-out - Before 2:00 PM

*Early check in or Late Check out - $1.00 per hour

(You must be 21 or older to rent a campsite)

All registered campers are allowed access to the restroom/shower facilities, swimming pool and other functions and
amenities provided by the campground.

For the enjoyment of our CAMPING guests...
ALL non campers must vacate the campground before 10PM.
NO visitors allowed entry after 8:30 PM.

Seasonal rates are based on weekend, holiday and vacation use only,
We do NOT allow tents on any full hookup, seasonal or monthly campsite due to water, sewer and other service
company lines being shallow buried.

ONLY ONE Camping Unit Per Campsite
(1 tent
or trailer per Camp site!)

Other Fees
These fees apply to NON-Campers Only
(meaning guests or visitors of campers)

Visitor / Guest Charge

$2.00 per person  (per day)
Holiday Guest Rates are $5.00 per person per day
Fish Fry, Summer Picnic $5.00 per person
All visitors Must vacate the campground property by 10:00 PM. Only registered campers after 10 PM

Over Night Guest $5.00 per person, per night
(Check out by 2:00 PM)
<<Must register with the office BEFORE 8 PM>>
                    <<or the fee doubles>>

Holiday overnight Guest Fee is $8.00 per person

WiFi Inrernet Access
(Effective 4/1/2006)

(Registered Guests Only)

$ 1.00 for 24 hour access
$  5.00 for 7 day access
$ 20.00 for Monthly access
Swimming Pool
Pool hours are 10 am to 6 pm for
non-camping guests (Mon thru Thurs only)
(No charge for registered Campers)

$2.00 per person  (per day)
Boat Ramp
Our Boat ramp is steep and available ONLY to registered Guests at no charge.
For registered campers only
A Public Access Boat Ramp is located 1 mile west of the campground.

Shower Facilities

$5.00 per person (Closed to the public on weekends and holidays)

Seasonal Guest Pass  $100.00**

* State sales tax apply to camping rates.
** Contact us for details.

Maximum of 2 adults and their dependant family members per campsite.
(or ONE IMMEDIATE Household Family
$5.00 per person / per day for extra people ($8.00 per person, per day on Holiday weekends)

** an immediate household member would be any person on your tax return

Visitors of Camping guests are required to leave the campground
(or register to camp by 8:00 PM)
All requests to spend the night after 9 PM will be denied.
Visitors must be off the campground by 10:00 PM

Click here for our hours

The reason we do not refund deposits or payments is that we have a high demand for campsites on Holiday and special events weekends. People have canceled at the last minute which does not allow us time to rent out the camping space. We strongly urge you to plan ahead and only reserve a site when you know for sure you will be camping. We base supplies for the various activities on the number of reservations we have for a particular weekend. 

We do not require deposits for non-holiday weekends (except for group reservations)
Management reserves the right to refuse service to any person or group.

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