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7414 Old SR 25 North

Lafayette, IN 47905
765-589-8089 (10am-7pm)


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Internet Policy

Our Public WiFi service is designed for email and web browsing to our paid guests. the following conditions are to give equal access to ALL of our guests. The WiFi signals are available from all sites with electric.
Internet access is supplied as a service to our customers for an access fee.

Our WiFi system connects most Internet devices without any problems by entering an access code. on a splash page. We grant 30 minute access free of charge, ask us for the 30 minute code.

Downloading or Streaming large files, videos or excessive use of bandwidth WILL result in automatic limitation of Internet access. (Continued access limitation will inevitably terminate the access code) We will not replace disconnected access codes for free.

We are not responsible for security or data integrity to any device connected
to this PUBLIC WiFi Hot Spot.

By connecting to our access point, you agree to these conditions.

In the event you need full broadband services, we suggest securing your own account with an Internet Service Provider of your choice.

Thank You

The Wolfe’s



Every Internet device that has the capability of entering an access code works on our system. Our signal is strong enough to reach our sites that offer electric. But we can not guarantee that YOUR device is capable of sending a strong enough signal back to our system.

If you are having trouble connecting or staying connected, we suggest trying to move the device closer to the antenna locations. (Back of main building, near the basketball/pavilion area or the back road near site 70.

WiFi Frequent Asked Questions

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