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Lafayette, IN 47905
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Rule Description:

Each campsite has a designated fire pit. DO NOT MOVE ANY FIRE PITS!

Each of our campsites have a fire pit. Some have steel rims while others are designated by rocks. Please do not move the fire pit rocks for any reason!  In the event you have an ash filled firepit, contact the manager to have it cleaned.

Each fire pit was placed on the campsite to avoid underground services and overhead tree limbs.

The reason we ask you NOT to move a fire pit is that it can cause damage to the service lines. Also, when fire pits are moved, there will be a burn spot in the campsite that the ash must be dug up and replaced with clean dirt in order to get grass to grow again.

When we find that a fire pit was moved, we will invoice you for the time it takes us to replace the fire pit to it's original location and time and materials to replace the damaged grass.

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