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Rule Description:

Glass bottles are NOT allowed in the Recreation Building, Play area(s), Pool area, on the river banks and are discouraged for everyone's safety. If you decide to bring glass bottles, be warned, they are restricted to YOUR registered campsite ONLY!


Where do we begin...

First off we discourage GLASS BOTTLES. they are a major reason for injuries at a campground.
A single broken bottle, even in a fire pit, is dangerous. The glass can easily cut a foot, a finger, a paw, a tire, a tent and probably another dozen items.

We understand that some products only come in Glass containers, we ask that you limit the number of glass containers and be sure to discard ALL of the used bottles into a trash dumpster. A single broken bottle can ruin another guests stay.

We do not allow glass bottles inside the recreation room, again for safety, regardless of how careful YOU are, accidents happen. If there are NO GLASS BOTTLES, then there will NOT be any Broken Glass.

We offer our guests a complimentary cup and require them to fill them outside the building and pool areas.

State Laws prohibit Glass containers within the Pool and picnic areas of a pool.

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