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Rule Description:

We do not allow wood cutting on the property. You may use "small" kindling to start a campfire but not as a source of firewood. Nothing over 2 inch diameter or longer than 2 foot may be picked up to burn. We do not allow pallets (or pallet wood) to be burned.  (Pallets will not be allowed in the campground for any purpose!)


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the US Department of Agriculture  (USDA) are the agencies that have placed limits on firewood movement, not us.

We generally allow wood from TIPPECANOE County to be brought into the campground AS LONG AS IT IS DECLARED & INSPECTED BY WLTC STAFF.

We allow you to pick up kindling from the campground with the limits it must be less than 2 inches in diameter AND less than 2 ft long.

When campers drag large pieces of wood from our property, they cause burden on campground maintenance crews. Most larger limbs have been cut and moved to areas away from camp sites, when campers drag these limbs back onto a campsite and do not completely burn the wood, campground personnel must clear the site for the next guests. It is burdensome for our staff.

Cost of firewood vs labor

You may feel that we do not have a cost associated with the firewood we sell, consider this:

1. We purchase bulk wood from our local area for a portion of our wood supply.

2. A. We cut down the tree.
    B. We trim off all the branches.
    C. We dispose of the scrap branches.
    D. We transport the logs to a cutting area.
    E. We cut the long logs into split-able chunks
    F. We split the chunks.
    G. We transport the split wood to our wood storage area.
    H. We stack the split wood to allow it to dry out. 
    I.  We take the order for the wood and collect the fees.
    J.  We deliver the split wood to your campsite.
    K. We clean out the fire pits and dispose of the burnt ash.

Costs of Labor, fuel & equipment add up over the camping season. We work to keep our cost factors minimal which allows us to keep our camping rates reasonable.


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